Confinement Nanny

confinement nanny

Maternity involving pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum periods are crucial for the health of both the mother and her child.

Postnatal care issues include the recovery phase after childbirth for the mother, newborn care, nutrition, breastfeeding and family planning.

The needs of every single mother and newborn is invariably different. Although there are common issues, the solution is rarely the same. Since 1987, Gladys Care therapists have never failed to provide the best care and road to recovery for each client and her child.

The Confinement Nanny “Pei Yue’ (陪月) is a lady helper who can provide invaluable aid during the:

  • Prenatal period – for the mother during the weeks before
  • Pregnancy or
  • Postnatal period – for the mother after delivery
  • Babysitting period – so that the mother can return to work with peace of mind

Prenatal Confinement Nanny

A nanny is required during the 1st trimester should the expectant mother has been diagnosed with having low placenta or experiences spot bleeding. The nanny’s main tasks are to prepare a regular healthy and nutritious food and soup so that the expectant mother strengthens her constitution, and to help the placenta move up as the fetus develops.

Postnatal Confinement Nanny

The transformation of a woman into a mother can be an emotionally and physically ardous process as her body undergoes tremendous changes. She will often feel completely drained and sore even without any exertion. The uterus gradually shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size, blood levels resume nomalcy and the hormonal levels are adjusted. All these can lead to post-natal blues and hair-loss. It is during this crucial period that the nanny has to nurse the new mother back to health and provide care for the infant.

Duties of Postnatal Confinement Nanny: cooking for the new mother, making tonics for 12 days and preparing herbal baths for her. She is also responsible for assisting the mother in her breastfeeding. Once the breastfeeding has become regular, the nanny can use the expressed milk to take over during night feeds. The nanny will also bath, care and attend to the newborn so that the new mother can rest. She will also take care of laundry for both mother and child, maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and utensils as well as performing basic household chores. If necessary she can undertake marketing chores.

Babysitting Nanny

To enable mothers to resume their employment, nannies for babysitting can care for the baby at her or the client’s house. Their main tasks are to watch over, play and supervise the child as well as putting him or her to bed. Feeding is also taken care of by our nannies’ delicious soft pureed food especially when the child is turning 6 to 8 months, a time when teething takes place. Our experienced nannies are chosen for their high level of care and commitment to a child’s development and well-being. They are emotionally committed to provide a nurturing environment to cultivate wholesome development for the child: mentally, emotionally and physically. Parents trust Gladys Care nannies for their professionalism!

We can accommodate different scenarios that suit your preference such as:

  • Nanny to live with you during the engagement
  • Nanny to come during appointed hours
  • Or you can send your child to the Nanny during work hours